IEX to Move New York Office to 4 WTC
November 20, 2014
Silverstein Properties announced today that IEX, a start-up stock market dedicated to institutionalizing fairness through technology, and the subject of Michael Lewis’ book, Flash Boys, has signed a Read more...

WTC Construction Update, February 2013

4 World Trade Center
With structural steel and concrete complete, the last 5 rows of the curtain wall system are now being completed at the top of the building.  Simultaneously, the curtain wall panels to infill of the hoist opening on the north side of the building are in progress.  The installation of elevators continues at passenger car banks D, E, and the Service Car Elevators up to the 72nd floor. Mechanical work, fireproofing/firestopping and masonry work are advancing.  The work in the commercial lobby ceiling has been completed and the temporary work platform has been removed. The Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) is expected in the Fall of 2013.

3 World Trade Center
Concrete placement for above grade decks are proceeding. Steel erection up to the 7th floor is nearing completion. Spray-fire proofing is ongoing on the 6th and 7th floors. Installations of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection utilities and CMU walls are continuing on all below grade levels. Fabrication of curtain wall panels and louvers continues in facilities in Connecticut, Canada, and Italy.

2 World Trade Center
Superstructure concrete and structural steel are now complete. Shafts are being closed on the B3 level of the north side and core areas.  Insulation on the underside of the decking in the Transit hall are being installed. Painting has begun in the rooms on the B1 and B3 levels. Installation of the building mechanical systems continues throughout the basement levels. Installations of mesh rebar for the east and north sidewalks have commenced, and elevator divider beams are being installed in the center core on B1. Low voltage raceways, conduits and cables are currently being installed and steel and concrete deliveries continue to arrive inside the Vesey Street entrance.

1 World Trade Center
Under the Port Authority's supervision, tower steel has topped out at the 105th floor and the fitting of the glass curtain wall continues between the 90th and 100th floors on the north and south sides. The first seven sections of the spire have been set in position and the bolting of those sections continues. Installation of the 408-foot-tall telecommunications spire began in December 2012 and will continue through early 2013, bringing the tower to its complete height of 1776 feet. Masonry and waterproofing work at the base of the podium is complete through the south elevation. Core shear walls topped out in October 2012 with the final concrete placement extending walls to the 104th floor mezzanine. The elevator landings, stairs and related structural elements are now completed to the 102nd floor mezzanine. Elevator banks A and B are now in use for vertical transportation of workers and small materials.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub A steel erection for the Transportation Hub oculus substructure and superstructure has begun as has construction connecting to the Vehicular Security Center. Fifty-eight of the 98 pieces of lower and sub-portal Oculus steel have been erected at the Transit Hall. Steel and concrete has been placed underneath the 1 subway line along the Greenwich Street corridor. Preparations are being made for the installation of the east arch truss. Work on the planters at the ground floor plaza adjacent to Tower 2 has begun. The Transportation Hub construction contract was awarded to Skanska in summer 2010. Construction of the West Street pedestrian underpass (the "east-west connector") , linking the World Trade Center with Battery Park City's World Financial Center, is now active on the west side of the WTC site ( just south of 1 WTC and across West Street). The east-west connector structural components are being installed across West Street. Additionally, head house construction is active outside the World Financial Center's Winter Garden.  

National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center Both the structural steel and façade installations are now complete at the above-ground Memorial Pavilion. The National September 11 Museum is now in the midst of interior fit-out and artifact installation in the underground space with the opening date TBA. Installation of sheet-rock and insulation at the North and South footprints has begun as has grinding the East West Gallery slab, installation of rebar for the and South footprints has begun, as has the installation of rebar for the topping slab placement at the West Chamber. With more than 225 trees now on site, more soil installation and tree planting is underway and will continue in phases through 2013. The Memorial reflecting pools and waterfalls were commissioned in late August 2011 with the bronze nameplate installation completed in June 2011.  The "Survivors Stairway" was relocated to its permanent home in the underground Memorial in December 2008 and the Slurry wall reinforcement was completed in spring 2009. Seventy-five percent of the Memorial Plaza opened on September 11, 2011 and has hosted over 4.5 million visitors to date.

  World Trade Center Vehicular Security Center Structural steel in the Vehicular Security Center is substantially complete with over 9,000 tons erected to date. Concrete work is now progressing with more than 18,945 cubic yards of concrete poured- about 75% of the total. Steel erection in the West side is complete with 5,429 tons of steel and the welding along the south wall is ongoing. Steel erection in the East side is complete with 3,765 tons erected. On the Bus Parking level, sprinkler pipes are being installed as are hangers for vent and pump discharge. Conduit is being installed in the electrical rooms located in the south east corner, as are hangers and inserts on the Screening Mezzanine Level.